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The GRES-Segmentos coloring book contains characters from a samba school parade and fictitious situations related to this universe.

The art by carnival artist Alex Carvalho and mandalas by visual artist Páúlú present in this coloring book are capable of providing moments of distraction and relaxation.



Size:21 x 28 cm

Front cover:300 g card

Number of pages:32 (Offset Paper 120 g)
Publishing company: Pilgrim Designs


Black dashed illustrations printed on the front and back of the pages. Ideal for colored pencils and crayons (Not recommended for watercolors and markers)

About the authors:
Alex Carvalho (@Alexcarvalhob)
In addition to being a carnival artist, the carioca is creative director of plays and musicals, and a professor of carnival arts at Oficina Paulo da Portela.
Under the influence of his family, the universe of carnival was always present in his life. However, his first experience inside a samba school was at the Escola de Carnaval of the samba school Pimpolhos da Grande Rio. His career as a carnival artist began in 2019 at GRES Chatuba de Mesquita.

Pá.ú.lú (
From Mato Grosso, the visual artist Pá.ú.lú is passionate about samba school parades and has researched the subject since his adolescence.
His artistic practice ranges from assemblages to illustrations and the themes revolve around the attempt to understand the society around him and the universe of samba schools. In 2019 he launched GRES: Desfile, an educational card game inspired by the samba school parades.

GRE coloring book

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